Who We Are

Kreasi Catering is a catering services company that has been established since 1992. Kreasi catering stand under the supervision of PT. KREASI TIFADATA.

PT. KREASI TIFADATA is considered as experienced food company had experience about more than 20 years providing food product as well providing services in the aspects of hospitality manner in more than 100 Companies and Institutions.

At first, Kreasi Catering was known by “Catering of PT. KREASI TIFADATA”. Kreasi Catering was inaugurated in 2015 with the registration of the name at Directorate General of Intellectual Property Indonesia.

Kreasi Catering was established to deliver catering services in order to fulfill the gap of gastronomic demand from the market. We provide a wide variety of high quality, personalized contract catering solutions to businesses and institutions with a particular focus on fresh food.

“We focused on providing fresh, healthy, and delicious food as part of a total food service. “

Janarto W. Boediarto

(Managing Director)

Today, Kreasi Catering classified as a highly professional and experienced catering service company which provides exclusive catering service to Industrial purposes, Institution, Corporate as well to the Town services.


To become a professional catering company for the Corporate and Industry, as well to become the first choice of consumers and the pride of our employees.


Attempted in the field of catering business by providing the best service, excellent flavor, hygiene, Halal and reliable.


Kinship: We are a family with the same purpose.

Commitment: We are committed to uphold the values in order to achieve our vision and mission.

Teamwork: We conduct our work in a manner of teamwork to achieve harmony and obtain excellent results.

Integrity: We build trust with honesty and work hard to give the best.

Innovation: We always be a individuals who do not stop to create and innovate.

Human Resources

We currently have approximately 150 employees under auspices of PT. KREASI TIFADATA. Our employees are highly dedicated and have experience more than 20 years in catering business.


To maintain the standard of our business process, we always provide regular training to our employees with the basic standard of star-rated hotel training. This helps us to maintain the standard quality of our product and services,

Balance of good Nutrition and Sanitation

We also follow formal training and certification programmers conducted by both the Department of Health and by the Department of Tourism. In addition, our experience in providing catering service for various renowned hospitals in Jakarta illustrates that we are able to provide food and beverages with a balance of good nutrition and hygiene, our kitchens are regularly and routine checked by health and sanitation inspectors from the Department of Health.

Certification and Membership


HALAL Certification

On 17 December 2015 Kreasi Catering have obtained HALAL certificate.


APJI membership

As a form of our recognition in the catering industry, Kreasi Catering under the flag of PT. KREASI TIFADATA is a member of the Caterers Association of Indonesia (APJI) and has gained recognition as a catering company of silver class, which indicates a medium-scale professional catering enterprise.


APINDO membership

In order to keep our business commitment, Kreasi Catering currently joined the member of Entrepreneur Association of Indonesia to keep maintaining the relationship with others companies in Indonesia.


To provide the best service to our clients, we committed to provide star-rated hotel standard kitchen appliances with fully modern equipment. Our kitchen was located in the potential area to ensure that our catering reaches destination of our clients freshly.

Pasar Minggu Kitchen

This kitchen is located in Jl. Gabus Raya – PasarMinggu, Jakarta Selatan. It has an area of approximately 200m2 and has capacity of production around 3,000 servings per day. The kitchen serves a number of clients, including corporates hospitals, institutions and town services.

Cikarang Kitchen

Cikarang kitchen is located in JABABEKA Industial Estates, Cikarang. It has an area approximately 800m2 and has capacity of production around 10.000 – 15.000 servings per day. This kitchen was established to focus serve catering for Industrial purposes such as serving the labor gastronomic demand inCikarang areas.

Tebet Kitchen

Tebet kitchen is located in Tebet, Jakarta. It has an area of approximately 100m2 and has capacity of production around 1000 serving per day. This kitchen serves a number of clients, including corporates and town catering services.

Our Client