Our Services

Catering for Institutions

We provide the gastronomic demand for Institutions such as Government institutions, educational institutions and others organizational, both profit and non-profit organizational.

Catering for Hospitals

We provide catering service for Hospitals and serve to patients as well to the employees of the hospitals such as nurses and doctors.

Catering for Corporates

We provide catering service for corporates events such as seminar, meeting, and the other events which arranged by their company as well to serve the gastronomic demand from corporates employees.

Catering for Industrial

We provide catering service for Industrial purposes such as serving the labor gastronomic demand from factory as well providing the catering to the managerial of the factory industry itself.

Town Catering

We also provide town catering which serve the catering demand for the Jakarta market. This service includes the private events and personal events.

Food Preparation

We are passionate about producing fantastic food and care deeply about what our customers think of it. As well we always maintain the sanitation from the preparation aspects.

We also always maintain the quality of the food raw material from our supplier as well maintaining the handling process of our food raw material.

Food Production

Prepared with skill – our creative chefs lead the industry thanks to the support, training and development they receive from our Food Innovation Team.

We are as well constantly looking for orientated, food focused and ambitious people to help build and develop our business process.

Food Presentation

Our food and menus are customized for each site and incorporate both traditional and modern trends.

The other aspects that we commit are Nutritious, delicious & healthy – what could be better than tasty and healthy food to achieve a ‘Healthy Life’ with the range of food to tempt you in a more healthy direction.